Once the first two Watched, who became King and Queen, open their eyes, they understand light, and in the true nature of things, they become inseparable as the royals of their realm, breeders, and leaders of their bands. That is the case with the world of the land of Black & white. Somewhere through the fabric of space and time lay another land, the Land Of Red. Almost mirroring that of the Black & White, with the inhabitants of both carrying similar traits with only the difference of which is dominant, you could practically see that they are all descendants of the exact origins, with some characteristics beating others in between. 

The Land of Red, although almost identical, had an eerie red sky that gave off a deeper crimson reflection to the otherwise white lands. There, just like the King & Queen of the land of the Black & White, the origins of the King & Queen came from two watched who braced and embraced, but there was quite the fallacy. When the realization hit it: that there was another creature before it the same as itself, the feeling of loneliness that it had changed to curiosity, and quickly a sense of greed, which pushed it to want to own the other creature. Instead of a slight exploratory touch, the mirror image of it standing in front of it was grabbed with force and brought forth to an otherwise aggressive embrace, forcibly causing the birth of the first King & Queen of Red. 

In contrast to the rulers of the Black & White, curious, respectful, glorious, and articulate, with a sharing and more generous nature, the Rulers of Red had a different approach. A Red King so vile, greedy, and altogether far from the idea of generosity, with an affinity for oppression that extends even to that forced Queen. The Queen of red, who stood in an almost mesmerizing image of red traits making her the fairest, most admired Queen of all the realms, was, despite her beauty and elegance, a victim to an otherwise selfishly entitled King. She was pushed and driven to breed and bring forth an army so grand in numbers to serve the Oppressor King. 

  The years went on, with an even more frightening growth in the Red Kings’ oppression. Heads flew, then sat on stakes at the entrance to the Royal Castle as though a warning to those who thought of rising in front. There is a degree of indecency towards those beheaded; not burning them was a form of clear threat, and what made it even more terrible, the heads of princes, princesses, and lords made up the majority of those lined up, as an expression of his greed, and fear of succession. A horrific image and gruesome atmosphere for anyone, especially a mother so fair and gentle as the Queen of Red. 

The Queen of Red, despite all she saw, kept moving on as though she saw a particular good in the King of Red, who she first met in the loneliness of the early days. She Barely remembered that from that first embrace, her partner showed his ways of feeding off others with his cruel ways. She kept giving in and bringing in more life, which she could place a degree of hope into to possibly be admirable and fair until one day, the Twins of Red were brought into existence. Two lights fell as she pulled them out of the fabric of space, who grew to be fine youth, a Prince and a Princess, with their mothers’ beauty, gentle, and articulate demeanor. She loved them with all her heart shattered pieces and saw in them the hope that the Land of Red needed, away from the Oppressor. 

A Drunken rage was not an unusual opera in the Red Castle where the Oppressor, after gluttoning on all the special fare of the red realm, would beat, whip, and scream at his Queen, but one dreadful day came to be, where the King of Red pulled his last straw. A Drunken rage ensued, where instead of bludgeoning his Queen, he sought to do more harm. His fear of succession caused him to unknowingly, in his drunken passage, enter the dormitory of the Twins of Red. Juvenile, young and helpless, barely extending to the waist of the oppressive one, were thieved of their light, the hope they brought to the realm, the love of their gentle mother, and the future of the Land of Red. 

The Queen of Red, who knew not of any of this, felt like an arrow took its place in her chest. She ran from her dorm to her children’s only to witness two young, small lifeless bodies on the floor, with the Oppressor standing, hands bloodied, screaming as if victorious in a great war. Something snapped. The Queen of Red, known for having a gentle eye, broke. A scream of animosity caused a shockwave so strong that it shattered the ceiling of the Castle they were in. Debris fell across the plain. The Oppressor stood in shock, quickly turning into a rage, attacking his betrothed as if trying to eliminate the threat. Still, the Malice the Queen had in her broken heart took over, and she could not be stopped. Her screams continued, and every time they grew stronger, destroying everything she laid her eye on as she had done it. A battle so sad and so frightening, causing the day to be dreaded, named Unblessing

In the distance, miles away from the red Castle, a Watcher of Red trodden its way. A sudden flash of fire shot past in front of it and a round figure landed. The watcher, slow and steady, came close to the round figure, and a shiver ran down its spine, a fear that no watcher had felt before. The head of the King of Red lay, bloodied and dead.

In the Castle of red, as red rains came down, the once gentle Queen laid next to the bodies of her two children, with short and small sobs and tears from her now darkened red eye, as though letting go of the last shred of her grace, with the passing of her hope the Twins of Red. Malice took over, and that was the day she then stood with a plain and evil expression, and made her conviction clear, Kill the King in as many iterations of his existence, all the realms, to avoid the death of hope and to feed the anger and malice she felt within. All hail Malice, the Queen of Red.