SEASON 2: Chapter 5


With Their presence in the Scavengers Dominion, not a little land by any means, Agram & Fetya felt unthreatened and very welcomed, similar to what they had when they first arrived at the Kingdom of Golemia. The only difference was a feeling of being much lighter, faster, and more aware of their surroundings, as though their senses had been numbed all these years they spent there without knowing.

After Lord Krats welcomed them and gave the Kings’ regards, two Daywatchers who wore dark unaffiliated capes, and both with Aristocrat helmets on their heads had been ordered by their Lord to take Agram & Fetya to a nearby mansion that lay just at the outskirt of this relatively extensive city dominion they were in. The Scavengers Dominion had always been a large cave that resided between mountains as per Fetya’s Knowledge based on stories of expeditions that were usually told to the Desert Tribe by their Tribal Leader – King Torab. 

Although it was supposedly a cave, Fetya, as she walked next to Agram behind the two appointed as their escorts, saw an open ceiling to that said cave and a beautiful image of a night sky and a crescent so clean as though it was an artists’ doing and as she looks up she says: “Agram, when did the Eye Kingdom expand all the way here? And in such a short period, they populated this place. What of those nasty, unruly scavenger creatures that used to reside here? And what about that ceiling!? This was supposed to be a cave; I just do n….” Agram Interrupts: “Fetya silence! Look who’s waiting for us at the mansion..” Fetya brings her eye Down again to see straight ahead, and she could see a figure she remembers seeing lurking in the background of their Vision with the King & His roundtable; when she realized who it was, in a state of shock, she says: “The Prince – Light!”.

His name was Light. The King’s oldest and most formidable child stood at 8 feet tall and was known for being the fastest, most formidable of the Eye Kin, only surpassed by the King himself. Light always walked with a single sword floating behind him and a belt of daggers carried on his waist, both royal traits bestowed upon those with the potential to ascend. He always walked with little to no sound, as though in a hunt, so silently that many truly believed he was floating and stepping on air.

He was known for not being as articulate as his wise father and for a severe lack of patience, especially when it came to a fight; he enjoyed dueling so much that he partook in the glorious pits almost daily, never to be defeated yet, and is now in constant search for more formidable opponents. “To what do we owe this honor, Prince Light?” Agram speaks, standing straight ever the soldier – “I don’t mean to intrude, but I keep hearing about them Golems, and this fire just burns inside me. I couldn’t wait another day before speaking with both of you. What are they like? How many are there?”… His eye opened wider “What of their King? Is he strong? How tall does he stand? Does he carry a weapon?” now walking closer, holding Agram by both shoulders – “Does he have thunder clouds surrounding him as father states?! Does he…” 

Light was then interrupted by what sounded like a familiar voice to Fetya “Master Light, a future ascender and son of the King of all Dominions himself, came to welcome our dear kin folk, what an honor,” King Torab of Desert & King Glacier of Ice appear followed by Lord Frigidus of Ice, and Lord Jaaf of Desert.“My Kings” Light slightly bows his head, lifts it up with an innocent smile, and asks: “Shall we duel?” Lord Frigidus grabs his Long sword, and Lord Jaaf grabs his battle axe; King Glacier lifts his hand up as though stopping the lords from moving and says: “Your jests are always out of the ordinary, Master Light. Please give our regards to your wise father, the King of the Land. We shall excuse ourselves into the mansion with our dear Agram & Fetya to have words with our Kin Folk in privet” Both Kings walk away. Their lords walk towards Agram & Fetya as if guiding them towards the mansion to enter, all while the Prince of Light stared at them from a distance heard, saying: “I just wanted to know some shit.. not pick a fight.. ugh,” and walks away with the previously appointed escorts to Agram & Fetya who were no longer needed at this point.

King Glacier has a tall 8 Foot 3 frame known for having the coldest heart and sinister nature of all the Kings of the Realm that follow the King of Black & White and for being a ruthless and aggressive berserker during a fight. His Dual Frost Scorpion blades are known to leave damage the equivalent of frostbite on his enemies. He rules over the Sub Kingdom of Ice, the closest state to the beyond known to be the protectors of Ascension. He remained standing while King Torab, a slightly shorter stature of 8 Feet, the ruler of the Sub Kingdom of Desert at the south of the Kingdom of the Eye, dry Land with abrupt temperature changes, sat down and gestured to Lord Frigidus and Lord Jaaf while saying: “Run along now Lieges, we wouldn’t want a rogue entrant to come to hear us talk about grown-up stuff, please do guard the entrance” known for his Light hearted, but politically wise speech, King Torab addresses all his juniors as lieges, to make them feel their importance despite him being their overlord, Lord Frigidus looks to King Glacier, and King Glacier nods, both lords then exit the mansion to protect it from potential intrusion. Agram & Fetya are still in shock, for they’ve seen way too many royals in such a short time, and they have just arrived at Scavengers Dominion with no rest. It all seemed overwhelming.

“Come now, lieges, have a seat no need to be formal. Let us have a word,” says King Torab to Agram & Fetya, who reluctantly move towards the organized Davenport seating that happened to be in the middle of the foyer. As they sit down, they see King Glacier seated next to them. Fetya lets out a small shriek: “eek!” and says: “He was just standing by the window!!” Agram calms her down and says: “King Glacier is a master of short distance teleportation, Fetya; you will get used to it eventually; I apologize, my King for Fetya is not familiar with your ways” Agram then turns to King Torab and asks: “King Torab, might I ask you as to why you refer to your underlings as lieges? I feel honored and confused as a mere night watcher of the Ice tribe to be called liege by the King of the Sub Kingdom of Desert!” King Torab laughs out loud: “hah hah hah… That is precisely the point, my liege, for what better way to demand respect than to give it? Hah hah hah” A Sudden change in atmosphere as King Glacier interrupts: “That dreaded small talk never ceases to get on my nerves, Torab. Can we cut to the chase? I believe the old children are tired” Old children in reference to their double age due to their time in Golemia, yet they’re still considered children in the standard of Kings. “True, dear Glacier, well lieges, we are here to speak to you and not fish for any information. Our Beloved King of Black & White has shared with us what he saw, and the fact that he communicated with both of you in your dreams truly is an honor.” King Torab takes out what seemed like a tiny scroll, lights it using a spark he made with a snap of his long fingers, and proceeds to draw breath from it, releasing the smoke with a long sigh; the smoke gave a pleasant grassy aroma Agram could not help but smile. “Let us speak to you of origins..”

Agram & Fetya’s Eyes open wide, jaws drop, and Fetya stands up abruptly and asks like an excited child who had forgotten how tired she was in excitement: “King Torab! Origins!? The tale that is reserved for royals only!? The rumors said that the Prophet who burned was the only non-royal who knew of it! That Origins!?” King Glacier says with an eerie voice, “Silence.. did you forget the pillar of patience while you were out in those Golems’ lands?” Fetya sits back down with a shiver running down her back in fear from the cold-hearted King of Ice. “I apologize, King of Ice.”

“Not the full tale lieges, just the part that speaks of those darned golems, for the rest may cause your demise.” He takes another breath from that burning scroll, lets out a cloud of smoke with a louder sigh, and continues: “Eons ago, a particular deity had troubles with the other eye gods, particularly around the creation of beings without her consent, and due to that trouble that Deity who held power to create beings of her own, decided to wage war. The problem was, how can you slay a god? Deities cannot die, she thought to herself; what could she possibly do to relieve her anger? And as she roamed across realms, she walked through a particular land called the Land of Sprout, a realm far from where we are and identical in structure to where we roam. The difference was that the Land of sprout was lush & green all across. It was ruled by Eye Kin, such as us. Those Eye Kin were particularly favored by the Eye Gods, hence gifted that greenery and life..” – The Door suddenly swings open, interrupting King Torab, and both Lord Frigidus and Lord Jaaf fall into the foyer. It seemed as though they’d been eavesdropping. The storytelling of Kings is always something all the Eye Kin wanted the privilege of “Out, or I shall have your heads,” says King Glacier calmly while an aura so dark appears around him “we apologize, King Glacier!” They stand and exit swiftly “Anyhoooo” says King Torab in a jesting manner after a quick laugh followed by a cough and another breath of that pleasant smelling scroll “The Deity had witnessed their King, and learned that the Eye Kin in that realm were truly wise and honorable beings, hungry for duels similar to Glacier here” He chuckles “Jealousy was sparked, and she decided the proper route towards soothing her anger towards the other gods, was to create a being that instead of being timeless like the Eye Kin, they had to feed on time to remain thriving, she headed towards the largest mountain in the Land of sprout, Lifted her staff with one hand towards the sky, and split it open drawing in light from her original realm into her other hand moulding it into a great being, filling it with wisdom, and kindness, and an oblivious state to how destructive it will become, only to throw that ball of light with all her might into the mountain she stood near causing the birth of the Golem King.” King Torab mimicked the throw and took a final breath from the pleasant scroll. Breathing out the pleasant smoke and finally eating the remaining bud from the scroll and continues, “That Golem King with his might, grew lonely, so the Deity gave him the power to bring more life, a part of her scheme to increase the number of time-consuming golems so much so, that the time of all living beings timeless or not would perish in due course, and that is exactly what happened in the Land of sprout. It perished.” Agram & Fetya looked terrified, while King Glacier had a blank expression as he listened. Agram then asks: “King Torab, does that mean.. our time can end? Like the great Bicorn Kin and other beings?” King Torab smiles and says: “of course not, lieges, but the reason the Eye Kin there perished was a lack of preparedness. The Golem King had spread his Golem folk across that entire Realm, the Eye King of that Realm saw nothing of it, and by the time the Eye Kin took notice of the potential danger, they were swarmed by the sheer number of mindless Golem folk, for the Deity with her cunning only gave the Golem King wisdom. His children, though, were task-driven beings that did not think matters through; they proceeded to destroy the Eye Kin, their main source of nourishment, ultimately overpowering their Royals with sheer numbers, and only by overwhelming them were they able to make them perish, for the only way the Eye Kin can die is by force especially royals.” Fetya jumps up: “What about the watchers & watched!? Did they do nothing?” King Torab, with a more serious look, now replies: “They had no watched, but the watchers who were significantly weaker than royals, had futile attempts to take back the land, the water Golems had a specific ability called ‘water imprisonment’ and with it, they managed to imprison all the remaining watchers of the Land of Sprout to feed on their time forcefully, but the watchers ever the proud & honorable beings could not allow it. They took their own lives, completing the destruction of the Land of Sprout.” King Torab stands up, walks towards Agram & Fetya, and says, “That is their Origin, a jealous god, a destroyed realm, and an uncontrollable hunger for time, and that is why they are too dangerous to stay.” He then taps Fetya on her shoulder, walks past her & Agram towards a standing King Glacier, and together head towards the door; and just as they are about to leave, King Glacier, as though noticing something, stops and looks at a specific wall in the foyer, and then turns around to the couple and says: “Agram, your tribe thanks you for indirectly you may have saved us all, get some rest, for there’s much to do, and as our great King says Brace.”.

Agram & Fetya, both tired from their long travels and overwhelmed by the origins of the Golems looked at each other and could not help but gently embrace. “What will become of this? Will it be war?” Fetya asks worried. Agram pulls his head back, looks at her with a smile, and replies: “I never knew the mighty axe-wielding Fetya of Desert to be worried about a little war.. Come now, let us slumber, for the days ahead will be eventful.”. As Agram & Fetya head towards their dormitory within the mansion, a small oval-shaped light shined on the wall across the foyer and shuts as if an eye closing and disappearing.