SEASON 2: Chapter 4


Credit: Molly

Why would the Kingdom ruled so justly require protection?” A question that rose on multiple occasions between Agram & Fetya. After the death of his friend the Bicorn, Altive the proud. This interest & curiosity, so similar to that of the first watched to tread the Land of Black & White, kept growing, and with every revelation, the couple couldn’t help but notice that it gets eerier and eerier. 

Around the same time this whole journey was commencing, Agram, a Night watcher, would wake from his slumber on a nightly basis, noticing a sweat had been broken as if he had returned from a journey. Fetya is entirely inactive at night, and her sleep is so heavy that Agram jests with calling her the sleeping rock of the desert tribe, for nothing, can move her or wake her but herself when she slumbers. These nightly wakes would usually follow a deep dream. One surprisingly quiet day in Gaia’s Sanctuary at the time of their daily investigative commute, Agram would relay to Fetya some of his hard-to-decipher visions: “Fetya, I had another one of those dreams that caused me to wake with heavy breaths and a broken sweat as though I was on a long run across the woods..” Fetya then responds: “what is it you see in your slumber Agram? Is it a duel? Or is it a sinister vision?” Agram says: “I always see… visions of myself sitting on a throne, speaking with lords as though they were my subjects, and then a sudden flash of me running across the forest of black & white….” Fetya Interrupts: “How would you know it’s that particular forest when you’re surrounded by another one?” Agram responds: “.. well, I can tell from the smell! Yes, I actually can smell it in my dream, and you know how the trees of that particular place seem like they’re staring at you.. in any matter, I see myself then running across a particular pathway, reaching a certain village, and entering an abandoned house in that village, full of old scriptures and scrolls, only to pick one scroll up, and open it only to be blinded by a light so bright I can’t help but wake up!” Fetya, with her hand on Agrams shoulder, says: “Don’t overthink it; you’re probably missing the thrill of the hunt. Let’s go on a hunt now to take your mind off it”. Agram, although still skeptical about what that vision may entail, hesitantly nods and proceeds with Fetya on their hunt. 

Credit: Fable

That same evening, Agram woke from his sleep, only this time, he woke and saw that he was at the mansion’s entrance, just at the door. He opens the door and walks in, and this time goes to Fetya and tries to wake her, but Day watchers are heavy sleepers, it is known, but he had to wake her up for this time, it was different, so he grabs Fetya from her waist and lifts her up and shakes her until she opens her eye realizing she’s up in the air, starts scrambling as though she was falling from a cliff trying to grab hold of something to break that fall. Agram puts her back down, raises his hand, shows her a scroll, and says: “I’ve had another one of those visions; this time, I woke at the door! With this scroll in my hand, I have not opened it yet!” Fetya responds: “DON’T YOU EVER PICK ME UP LIKE THIS AGAIN!!.. show me” she pulls the scroll from his hand and opens it, and stands next to him to read it together, and it says just 1 sentence: I see through you, and you can see through me, the threat is a reality, golems are a calamity.” 

Credit: Jennifer

Both Agram & Fetya dropped the scroll and moved back a distance until hitting a wall together almost simultaneously. “Who is this?!” Fetya asks, “.. I think… I think it’s the King..” Agram responds, stuttering. “Can it be? Is he the one moving you in your sleep?!” Fetya asks softly. “Is he listening now? Can you feel him in any way?” Agram looks at her with the blue in his eye glowing and says, “I honestly do not know, but I am both honored and scared as to the fact that the King saw through me.. do you know what this means, Fetya?! It means we were right! He says it… The Golems! There’s a secret.. otherwise why on the Realm would they have Fire Golems protecting borders?! It just does not seem right for a place as peaceful as this, Altive died too early from old age.. that made no sense, and the King just said they are a calamity!” He moves back to the scroll picking it up, and continues, “That must mean they are the reason for this significant loss of time. I am sure of it now; thank you, my King! Thank you!”. Fetya, with a concerned look, asks: “What now? What can we do against those mighty beings all alone? Agram looks at her with a night watchers’ almost sinister smile, and his blue pupil brighter than ever was, and says: “It seems we are not all alone. Our dear King is with us, Fetya, Brace.”. 

That evening they decided to call it and head back to their slumber, and in that said evening, both Agram & Fetya dreamt, and this time it was clear for they had given in, and in their dream, they saw the King, and his roundtable of lords, with the Prince lurking in the background. The King welcomes them: Children, my kin, I am glad you can see me within, your dreams for there is a sin, in the Land where you reside, and we must no longer hide from you that you have been thieved, of life and time never to be retrieved, but your sacrifice will serve to become, a beacon for us to soon come, and make sure this calamity is gone, although you are timeless ones, that longevity is in danger for other beings if you dig deeper, a little deeper than feelings, you will find that your physical age is now twice what it should be, and I noticed a direct descendant of Ashdal my steed who should live for a thousand years, has perished naturally so it appears, but you are right to doubt, these words I don’t just spout, thank you for your assistance although unbeknownst to you, your King and Kin doth love you, now run as far as you can, they are coming after you. Brace.”.

Credit: Throwdown

The sudden shaking of the ground causes Agram & Fetya to wake from their dream drowse, only to open their Eyes to the sky. The ceiling has come off their mansion and peering in 2 Golems, one with Fiery red lines across its head and the other clearly made of nothing but stone. They heard but one word being repeated surprisingly in a language they understood saying: “THREAT! THREAT! THREAT! THREAT!” and that is when they both jumped and, with their natural instinct to not back down from a fight, attacked the Stone Golem fiercely cutting off one of its arms, and lunging themselves off of its torso meters away from the Golems. The Stone Golem, almost unphased, picks up his now fallen arm, attaches it to his torso as if a toy re-attaching its own fallen limb, and proceeds to chase. Agram & Fetya ran, something a watcher does not do as it is deemed dishonorable, but they took to heart the King’s word and continued their sprint without stopping for days until they saw themselves in a cave, going deeper and deeper. By then, the golems had stopped following them, but with their safety in mind, they kept moving until they arrived at a city hidden within the caves, only to find Eye Kin living in that city, and a Lord appeared in front of them and says: “Welcome to Scavengers Dominion, My King sent me to receive you, I am Lord Krats, I will dispatch some of my men to help you settle back in, with your own kin, the King sends his regards.” Lord Krats then walks away and vanishes into thin air. Agram & Fetya are back home with the knowledge they managed to bring back to the King and the Eye Kin. Little did they know that they had become the first domino from a series of events.