SEASON 2: Chapter 2

Thrivingness & Time

With the emergence of the Great golems and their building capabilities, they managed to create a thriving kingdom that hosted a multitude of creatures across the land known today as the Land of Black & white. Among those creatures, the golems noticed that there were two very peculiar beings. Similar to how the Golems had arms and legs protruding from a Torso, these much smaller creatures had the same. They had one eye, looking so eerie, and surrounding them was the darkest of auras. A couple, Watchers from the Eye Kingdom, have strayed from their original domain in search of greener pastures and have stumbled upon the distant point of this thriving Kingdom away from the more immense desert plains of their origins.

Much life thrived in the Kingdom of Golemia and an abundance of creatures considered legendary in the tales of man. The Majestic, strong, and honorable Bicorn was one of the most mythical creatures. It was said that the Bicorns are creatures that lived for hundreds of years, and not many knew where they originated from. Some speculated they came from the south and resided in the black forests of the Land of Black & White, claiming that this was the reason for their dark coat and beautiful ashy hair on the back of their necks and tails. Others speculated they came from up north, From the Beyond, specifically the Mountain of Ascension, or even further because of their large stature and slightly heavier coat than other creatures. Little did any of them know that the Bicorns were an anomaly, just as is all Golems that existed. They hailed from a domain unknown and came to be from the exact origins where the sky split open and spat out this great beast.

Tales surrounding the great Bicorn flourished. A creature that hosts an Ego worthy of their glorious existence and had anyone desired to ride a Bicorn or dare to have an attempt at “Domesticating” one, they needed to display a great degree of strength, power, sophistication, and ambition. The Bicorns could detect the potential of who stood in front of them. It is common knowledge that only the wisest and strongest beings could hoist themselves onto a Bicorn’s back without enraging the beast. A being matching those specifications existed towards the east; A King believed to have befriended the oldest and strongest of the Bicorns, Ashdal The grey. Many of those beasts flocked towards the Kingdom of Golemia, precisely between the Principality of Stone, and the Water Golem Falls,  where abundant open grassy plains existed along with water. The Golem King took a specific liking to those beasts, for they had an excellent lifespan similar yet shorter than the two one-eyed creatures that moved to Gaia’s Sanctuary. 

Many of the beings that now populated the Kingdom of Golemia wondered about those great towering mountainous creatures, and questions arose around many aspects, some silly surrounding the anatomy of how one of those beings would defecate. And others are a bit more puzzling as to Why they existed in the first place? Answers were rarely found as the Golems spoke a language that could not be learned by any other being, which caused communication with them to be near impossible, and those questions were left unanswered. The most curious of all creatures that came across the Kingdom, a particular half-breed that spoke with little glory and articulation, happened to reach the King of Golems and attempt a conversation. Still, as is with the nature of Mountains, attention was rarely given so far as no harm had been done to the surface. 

Questions continued to rise, and the most important one was, “what do those creatures feed on?”. Little did any of the beings residing in the Kingdom know that the food of the golems was not of the exact nature of their frailty; preying on each other and the fruits of nature, no, for the Golems feeding was very frightening. Golems grew stronger with the existence of more creatures in their dominion. A thriving environment was one creator of strength for the Golems, and that was obvious by seeing how keen they were to take great care of the land they built, and that sounds like a noble method of nourishment indeed to those great beings. Still, there was more, a darker side. The nutrition from a thriving environment did not need creatures, so the question that sparks itself here, is why would they become stronger when more creatures existed in that environment? Was it because that would allow the environment to thrive more? What is the secret? What is it that they truly feed on? A very eerie aspect that even the Golem King was oblivious to in the beginning. 

Time would pass, and creatures that used to live for hundreds of years, including the magnificent Bicorns, would see that their lifespan was cut short dramatically. A typical lifespan of 500 years would be cut down to a mere 100, as other creatures with shorter lifespans saw that their regular years were cut down by half, even though the Kingdom of Golemia had an abundance of clean water, food, and beautiful weather. That wasn’t questioned at all and thought of being natural, but it was as though Time was being drained. Despite that specific nature of the Golems, the Golem King was just and caring for life, for had he not been caring for life, he would practically be pushing away his and his kin’s core sustenance, Time.