1- Permeation of the Eye

Our Army is so glorious, head up high and victorious, transcending expectations, and all our evaluations. The Spread of the eye is inevitable, and the effect is irrevocable, a stable growth we see, that is the eyeverse’s tree, The Army is the main key, to where the eyeverse can be, a future so prosperous, not joining is preposterous. The Permeation of the Eye, is no longer a “Try”, it’s a phenomenon of might, from our Army so Bright. Your King appreciates you. Brace.

2- Open Gates,  Artistic creates, and one’s who nominate.

Joiners of the Army who embrace, the way of how the King does grace, content creation and lore, as vast and precious as Ore, your King truly appreciates your Art, with so much of it from the start, do not falter or halt, for you are not at fault, your King urges you to conceive, for with that we can retrieve, brothers at arms in our ranks, on the eyeverses banks, ready to go to war, and willing to grasp our Lore. Your king is humbled by your art, music, poetry, and lore. All is truly beautiful, your giving back is meaningful. Brace. 

3- The Unravelling

Chapters of efficacy rise from the darkness, the trials of war more powers will harness, Matters have been quite mysterious, some of you might think that’s Nefarious, but your King knows when the time is true, to bless with stories all of you. 1 blessing 2 blessings 3 blessings 4, These will all fill up our lore, 5 blessings 6 blessings and 7, it would beat that time you dreamt of heaven. The time for us to Unravel is near, make sure that this is clear. Brace.

4- Traits of Strength, Powers, and Awakening

Our Army has traits and characteristics, that make them a being of mystics, Berserkers of Rage lift dual arms, Armored shoulders with Kratos’s Charms, Legendary eyes telepathically crumble, and make sure their enemy is humble, Accurate scopes of might, serve well in the hunt of the night, Devil Vizards of power, will make enemies cower, Halos of thorns are a form, of bones of those unborn, Skulls that create more wisdom, for your watcher that’s custom, and swords of truth and purity, that offer your watchers clarity. Look at your watchers’ traits, and Brace. 

5- HODLERS and Delisters from now on are Diamond Hands, make sure to use that term your king demands

Diamond hands will be rewarded, and blessed so much awarded, the 7 blessings of the King, to read the chapters we bring. The first blessing is to come, in the 2 days it shall become, all that you obsess about, and the words you will always spout. Brace.

6- The Masses in the Forest the King blesses.

The king is known for Generosity, and knows of the forests curiosity, for that he shall grant a blessing one, and he’s sure it will be fun. Brace.