Open Letter to the Web3 Community

The movement is a means for CC0 to shine, and take back the essence of the NFT Pine, do you the project owner take this seriously? Providing value ethically? for all the public to see? Do you think JPEG is what makes an NFT?

The space is struggling as we speak, and for that a movement so grand we seek, allows you to show, as a project your belief do not be slow. This is not just a initiative, but a complete means for collections & derivatives, to know that PFPs are just a form, of self expression that’s the norm, any other value that they hold, if they’re not an artists work should actually fold, the value that is beyond the PFP, is something everyone should aspire to see, Rug pulls and no utility plays are dangerous, they have been to the entire space venomous, causing people who are new here, to shiver and click the x button in fear, and due to this everyone loses and leaves, we are starting a movement of sorts for creative commons projects to show, that they are truly a what they claim a CC0.

When the Eyeverse entered this space, we came here to really leave a trace, we promised and delivered, promised and delivered, but that is not enough, it’s unfair for projects that work to fall in the same trough, as those who are planning to steal and roam free, who take vacations on an island with your money, and claim that they’re building with nothing to see. CC0 needs to be utilized properly, We challenge all of those projects you see, get up here and allow everyone to use, the traits of your NFT be a muse, and focus more on your utility, while everyone else shows their ability. Only true ones will come along, and show that they are truly strong, be it apes, wolves, cats, or any other worldly being, this challenge will have everyone seeing.

Let us all build trust again, and all of us utilize our big brain, Web3 will not die out, the NFT will not burn out, the utility will go all out, and diamond value we shall bring out. Brace.