NFT Marketing

Hello everyone, thank you for having me up on stage, in such an important topic on a space. I would like to give my 2 cents, that is my only intent. i’ll try to be as concise as possible, to leave space for everyone with great advice to share. 

It is only the beginning when it comes to NFTs, so I urge and implore you to please, keep up your confidence in your knowledge, and definitely keep building your courage, eventually and quite soon, you will understand the details of flying to a moon, mistakes and failures are not wrong, they are all part of the entire song. Also I can’t stress enough on this “community, community, community”, once you have them you’ve acquired immunity, if you have value and a keen eye, some passion, and a little bravery to try, and create something of a journey, that allows minds to embark, and to cut away the thought “Deter Me”, allowing everyone to create a spark, as part of a solid army so glorious, and your collection will reign victorious. Involvement is truly necessary, that is the best form of strength, try to not to be an emissary, that only thinks of great wealth, for with great comprehensive value, comes monetary value. Brace. 

The whole aspect of building your knowledge, is truly something that requires effort, when I mentioned earlier courage, it’s meant to avoid running an empty desert.. Make sure whatever it is you promise, is fulfilled for that provides the solace, to your community you are leading, and you certainly don’t want them pleading. Set a roadmap clear or unclear, just make sure that things appear, right where it counts for everyone, even if you occasionally have to bury one, of the items set in your plan, for even if you own your brand, the market as you call it drives your success, so it’s definitely our people that you have to impress. Finally, Execution, execution, execution, and i’m not talking about murder, the core is truly much better, when you know what you are doing, for coffee is best after a good brewing. Brace. 

Before my actual point just to add to the previous point, I’ll start by saying 1 sentence that sums up metrics “If you keep chasing vanity, then you’ll only gain insanity”

Consistency is also a word to throw down, for after a while of being consistent you can truly turn a frown upside down. Keep it up and ignore the small unimportant numbers in the beginning, and keep having the mindset of winning, and what is that great saying, you’re only smart if you surround yourself with people smarter than you, and those people will not be playing, and they altogether will be consistent with you. 1 thing though is for sure, no one will work harder than yourself on your own project so maintain expectations that is a given, but that does not mean that the community and team you Love are not driven, if you make sure you keep going on, the entire project will grow strong. Brace.