Mega Spaces

Thank you for having us here among many magnificent projects first of all, let me be very clear all  our other worldly brothers, ones we have and have not yet heard, you are all appreciated. As many here might know I like my messages short for that is my flow.  

I’m the Eye king of the The Eyeverse, it’s a world of darkness and little light, a world of mystery and many  realms that fight, where the Eye Kings are superior beings with roundtables of Eye Lords that lead armies a thousand fold of nightwatchers and daywatchers leading all the watched. 3330 of our watchers & watched stand high, joining our kin is worth a try. 

We’ve launched 17 days back, and grown a magnificent community in no time. We got verified and featured on opensea all within the first 48 hours of our journey after a Free mint using our unique Art, that is the Eyeverses true power a Truly community focused & driven world. We have been announcing parts of our future, an ever evolving story with many chapters, wars and failed coups, where we burned three unworthy Renegades from our collection, and an upcoming revolutionary yet to be revealed utility in the form of an, an ever expanding list of activities, tasks, trials and games for our glorious community, including quite recently creativity rewards for our community of artists in many domains, Sub communities, and Magnificent Lore and stories, also an Open Copyright (CCO)  announcement for our holders to use their NFTs how they please commercially, and just a few days ago announced the opening of our Merch store. Might I emphasize that we have done all this within the domain of 2 weeks. Yes, we are serious. 

There are multiple giveaways happening here, which is great, and as a token of good faith we would like to put up a giveaway Call it Fate. we will pin an announcement about our Grand Assembly on Saturday (which will include a Fire list of giveaways, role playing, story telling and major alpha) make sure you like it and Share and that will become your flare, to enter the raffle, 3 Access slots to Chapter 1, the Dark where it all began.

“It’s the age of the eyeverse, trust in the eye king. BRACE.”