King’s Revelation

Imagine a journey so grand, a story not just written by hand, heart & soul poured in, greatness and dots connecting, beings across many realms, now imagine you’re at the helm. The Kings Revelation allows you to integrate, your NFT in the story you can create, a piece of your mind joining our world, watched, watcher, lord, or royal onboard, tell us who your character is, the name and the background that is, and tell us where you see the bliss, of your characters’ appearance, after a 1 on 1 reading to gain clearance. Brace.


  1. 1 on 1 Reading with the King of all the future chapters (Can be in multiple sittings)
  2. Name your NFT, and build a back-story, and imbed that character in the Eyeverse Lore to immortalize yourself as a contributor to the Story.
  3. When the story gets published (in any format) you will receive royalties for your character’s contribution. (details TBD)

Quantity: 20 / Price: 1 ETH