Grand Assembly

Animals, apes, goats, and a Beluga, the Eyeverse is certainly not Yuga. 

Many words are to come along in this assembly, so make sure all is right and then be, ready for the core of this day so grand, for the King along with his loyal hand, will relay Major Information to all of you, an agenda so great oh it’s true. Brace. 

Our brother Luke, a true believer of our vision, will provide his supervision, for our assembly so grand, for he is a crucial part of our loyal band. Brace. 

[Introduction to the Eyeverse] I’m the Eye king of The Eyeverse, it’s a world of darkness and little light, a world of mystery and many  realms that fight, where the Eye Kings are superior beings with roundtables of Eye Lords that lead armies a thousand fold of night watchers and day watchers leading all the watched. 3330 of our watchers & watched stand high, joining our kin is worth a try. 

We launched 17 days back and grew a magnificent community in no time. We got verified and featured on open-sea all within the first 48 hours of our journey after a Free mint using our unique Art, that is the Eyeverses’ true power a Truly community-focused & driven world. We have been announcing parts of our future, an ever-evolving story with many chapters, wars, and failed coups, where we burned three unworthy Renegades from our collection, and an upcoming revolutionary yet-to-be-revealed utility in the form of an, an ever expanding list of activities, tasks, trials, and games for our glorious community, including quite recently creativity rewards for our community of artists in many domains, Sub-communities, and Magnificent Lore and stories, also an Open Copyright (CCO)  announcement for our holders to use their NFTs how they please commercially, and just a few days ago announced the opening of our Merch store. Might I emphasize that we have done all this within the domain of 3 weeks. Yes, we are serious. 

Today we stand tall with a Glorious army among the NFT world, and today we plan to have a few points unfurled. Maintain your presence within this space, for the information we will share you must Brace.

[1:04 PM]

For now, your king implores you to throw some hearts, for it’s time for one of the many parts, of our grand assembly my precious hoard, it’s time for a resident Lord, an Eyemond holder full of might, a proud man who holds high in a fight, for DefiDj do lift your hats, for it’s time for him to read our Stats.

[Praise for our community] Our Lords, the almighty roundtable of the Eyeverse, what your king owes you is beyond his purse, you are all truly a magnificent part, of this journey right from the start. DefiDJ, Rasetsu, Mystic, Pugnacious, and others on board, for your prowess truly brings concord, to our glorious community, and without your presence, there is no immunity, your king and the team praise you, for your contributions you are true. The end of July will mark your rewards, unique to you your valiant swords. Brace. 

To Our Army, our precious community, the most active ones and believers, of the Kings praise you truly are receivers, for without you the Eyeverse couldn’t be done, and with you, the Eyeverse is second to none. Your actions and participation in our journey, made it feel like a true tourney, a tug of war so to speak, between a paper hand so very weak, and a mighty army full of belief, who our future will bring to relief. Brace.

[1:05 PM]

[Participants of the March] The ones that were the key, for the King to come out free, from the grasp of pesky renegades, the breakers of those barricades, are ones we truly value, and for your support shall you, receive a badge of appreciation, for how you handled that situation, your king appreciates your fight, to shed forth a true light, on the evil that the renegades sought, and our ways and core you brought, back to our glorious journey. Your King despite the loss of his soulmate, gives thanks for if you were in any way late, we could have lost our purpose, and this whole journey would have been a circus. Lords See to it that they are rewarded accordingly. Brace. 

[Mystic’s Intro] It’s time for me to announce, a brother so glorious I must pronounce, for he as Lord has been part, of our journey right from the start, He appreciates our vision, and is part of the mission, an individual so creative, with his raps he is not evasive, and at this very moment our lore that is cryptic, will be read out by our brother Mystic. Brace. 

[Role Playing & Pugnacious Intro] Our Great Lord Pugnacious, a believer so tenacious,  is now going to take us, with surely more discuss, to commence our role-playing segment, where your King will be Clement, with any participation you bring, as long as you do 1 thing, change your PFP to your Eyeverse’s NFT, and if you do not own one, use the eye that I am using. Brace.

[1:05 PM]

[Team Alpha] For days on and on all the spaces, a question was asked to reveal the faces, of the founders of our glorious project, and we have continued to protect, the identity for a clear reason, and that is to abolish the unreason, of the shameful ways of judgment, and speculative prejudgement, strictly on well-known names, as if everyone else plays games. Mind you our three passionate founders, are all experienced all-rounders, with a total of 45 years, of experience among their peers, in the startup digital & investment spaces, and all hold remarkable traces, of their failures and successes, a fingerprint of their might doth blesses, many projects and organizations, with direct access to VC, and great knowledge of the PC, Their passion towards the Age of the 3rd Web, is not the same as that of a celeb, who is in it for short term winnings, but for partaking in great beginnings, and contributing in the defining of the space, and leave a functionally glorious trace,  They are not some random players, or a bunch of naysayers, builders truly passionate about what they do, and I your King is one of the trinity it’s true. 

[Eye.Watch Alpha] The has been announced in multitude, and with all that we offer might seem so crude, we would like to give you some clarity, for it will be your key to prosperity. A Mobile application revolutionary, of which no others can truly pary, allowing all to keep an eye, and very ethically pry. Watch, talk & stalk, your gateway to becoming a hawk, combining all these three, is the definition of Web3. Opening all of your eyes to watch, will leave no room for you to botch, on all of your future decisions, and target everything with precision, no more financial advisors will you need, those bad-mannered and filled with greed, no more snot-nosed show-offs, who converse with us and scoffs, It’s the truth you will all desire, a place in between for all you aspire, to truly create and navigate, about the world of NFTs communicate. Brace.

[1:05 PM]

[Post Chapter 7] Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4, everyone in haste tries to explore, chapters 5, 6, and chapter 7, will give rise as though it’s leaven, a dough that rises to announce, “what is after?” you all flounce, We will release an Eye pass, so loud and strong like brass, for 1 ETH it shall grant, access so great you will pant, to the we spoke about, and other future greatness, for the King, just loves to bless, and for the holders who do not doubt, to the Diamond hands we shall give out, the pass without a hefty fee, to make sure you’re filled with Glee, oh.. and do know this, a pass for every NFT, and not just per Wallet you see. Brace. 

[What more?] We are all creatures of greed we ask What more? Your King to you does implore, a future bright with so much value, The Eyemond Club with access to trips, travel, and exclusive merchandise, so sticking around and holding like a vice, is the cold cut key, to all of those things you must agree. I also hear you like animated art and games, so keep an eye out for such magnificent frames.

For now, your King says to you Goodbye, and he implores all of you to keep an eye. Brace.