What is the Eyeverse?

The Eyeverse is a world of darkness and little light, a world of mystery and many realms that fight, where the Eye Kings are superior beings with roundtables of Eye Lords that lead armies a thousand fold of Night Watchers and Day Watchers leading all the Watched.

The Eyeverse ecosystem started with a genesis NFT collection…

What is the value of holding an Eyeverse NFT?

  • Access to chapters and lore
  • Access to console mini-utilities
  • Access to upcoming game
  • Claim an Eye Pass (to access Buidlr utility)
  • Be part of a vibrant and ever-growing community

What’s happened so far?

We continue to announce parts of our future, an ever-evolving story with many chapters, wars and failed coups (where we burned three unworthy Renegades from our genesis collection), including revolutionary utilities in the form of an eye.watch marketplace, an EYE Chrome extension and the Buidlr.

Our second collection – Paradox: The Rally of Blood – launched in April 2023, as an entry point to our gaming vertical. The Phoenix Forge allows holders to stake their NFTs to earn $EYE tokens, for use in our games and other parts of the ecosystem.

How to mint?

The genesis (OG) collection minted out in less than 5 minutes. The Paradox collection is just over 80% minted out – keep an eye on our socials for the mint re-opening…

How much was mint?

The OG collection mint was free. Mint mechanics varied with the Paradox collection – some minted with $EYE, some by burning rugged NFTs, some with 0.03 ETH.

How can I get an Eyeverse?

You can buy an Eyeverse NFTs through eye.watch or other marketplaces. You can also rent an Eyeverse NFT for $1 per day, giving you access to many of the utilities.

Where to start?

You can start by visiting our website, have a look at our Twitter/X timeline and join our Discord. There’s also a handy onboarding cheatsheet.

Where can I learn about the different characters?

You can learn about the different characters by going through the original story.

How can I read the chapters?

You can read (and listen to) the chapters by owning the tokens for each chapter from the Eyemap collection. Holders of Eyeverse OGs can claim free tokens of each chapter for a limited time.

You can also read a bonus chapter of season 1 – The Queen of Red – without owning a token.

How can I play the game?

Claiming your free warrior token (just pay gas) will give you access to the Pits, where you can test your metal against the trinity in a demo of the Player vs NPC game. See if you can beat the King…

What is the utility for holders?

There are 20+ mini-utilities on the console. You can use the eye.watch marketplace to buy and trade NFTs. Holders can access a beta hodler dashboard, the first component of the Buidlr. The EYE extension is available to holders to watch, talk & stalk in the web3 space.

How can I get merchandise?

OG holders only can access the merch store.

Where can I learn more?

You can join our Twitter/X community spaces (daily at 12pm EST) and read more through the lines in the King’s Foyer (usually Friday’s at 4pm EST).

Who are the founders?

3 passionate founders, true believers in web3, with a combined 45 years of experience in the startup, digital and investment spaces.

What’s next?

I wonder… look out for more lore, art, 3D characters, big game developments, publishing, web2 product lines… and much, much more.