What is the Eyeverse?

NFT collection, a world of darkness and little light, a world of mystery and many realms that fight, where the Eye Kings are superior beings with roundtables of Eye Lords that lead armies a thousand fold of night watchers and day watchers leading all the watched

What is the value of holding an Eyeverse NFT?

  • Access to chapters & Lore
  • Access to console mini-utilities
  • Access to upcoming Game
  • Claim Eye Pass (to access Eye.watch utility)
  • Be part of a vibrant & ever growing community

What happened so far?

We have been announcing parts of our future, an ever-evolving story with many chapters, wars, and failed coups, where we burned three unworthy Renegades from our collection, and an upcoming revolutionary yet-to-be-revealed utility in the form of an eye.watch

How to mint?

Mint was sold out

How much was mint?

Mint was free

How can I get an Eyeverse?

You can buy an Eyeverse through Eye.watch or other marketplaces

Where to start?

You can start by visiting our website, have a look at our twitter timeline and join our discord

Where can I learn about the different characters?

You can learn about the different characters by going through the original story

How can I read the chapters?

You can read the chapters by owning the tokens for each chapter from the Eyemap (holders of Eyeverse can claim free tokens of each chapter for a limited time)

What would be the utility to holders?

The main utility is eye.watch to Watch, Talk & Stalk in the Web3 Space

How can I get merchandise?

Holders only can access Merch store

Where can I learn more?

You can join our twitter community spaces and read more through the lines in king speeches

Who are the founders?

3 Passionate founders, True believers in WEB3 with a combined 45 years of experience in the startup, digital & investment spaces

What is next?

Who doesn’t like some animated art and games