Here here, this should be clear, for three cookies exist, claiming one of them will allow you to choose, Plain for Splash, Chocolate Chip for Spray, M&M’s for Splatter, you may never lose. Request a custom job for your Eyeverse NFT, to change it’s Meta Data you see, you’re not limited to the Eyeverse related work only, but the artists of our community Solely. 


The plain Sugar cookie will allow you to choose 1 color to splash, creatively change the inlay, or your NFT, for the entire world to see.


Everyone’s favorite the Chocolate Chip, allows you to spray 2 colors on your NFT, a further customizing ability, for the world to see.


Go crazy with a M&M cookie, choose to fully customize you NFT, as many colors as your eyes can see, make it yours even more for everyone to see.