Chapter 1 Blessing

Army, Welcome to this important space, where all of you as always must brace. We have dropped you a token, a blessing as Your King has spoken, that shall open a gate, to chapters of the eyeverse to state, how it all began, and the way it all ran, a story with a full purse, of how the watched have a curse, How the King addresses his masses, where close to him no one passes, the great march for war, marks page turns to our lore, and how the battle ensued, in Darkness it was cued, the Blood of those Royal, came to a screeching boil, stories of betrayal unstable, allowed the forming of the Roundtable. 

The Eyeverse Elite have not been discreet

We honor their success, with even more to press

200 of The Dark Dungeon is awarded to those who aren’t distorted, one’s who hold 5, and for greatness strive.

100 of The Wisdom of the Lord is bestowed, upon those who are owed, for the holding of 10, a true Degen.

50 of The King’s Bliss,  the highest accord, for those who were able to afford, holding 20 truly holding plenty. 

The first Chapter of the Eyeverse’s story is out as you can see pinned above Chapter 1 The Dark: Where it all Begins

It relays:It was born from an eternal darkness, a form of silent explosion, where a single watched existed alone. As he walked the barren land, he saw another watched in a distance, an almost identical figure. They braced and embraced, and become the King and the Queen.

We are still at the opening, and there’s yet more happening. 6 chapters ahead remain, they’re sure to drive you insane. There’s more to announce for sure, Friday evening your King shall pour, news some more and knowledge of Lore, make sure you have time in store.