5th Weekly Paradox

Hello everyone, 

Welcome, we shall wait for a few more minutes for the room to fill up, while we play a lyrical masterpiece, by our dear brother mystic, on a celestial-powered fleece, and recited by him to please, our community and get you all braced up, bricked up, and milked up. Brace. 

Greetings, Lords, Eyemond members, holders, and the general public. We shall commence, I would like to thank Just Joshing for his great summary, of our weekly paradox so meticulously, Eye Lord please pin that tweet to the top, for it’s a quite important drop. Brace. 

[CHAPTER 4 LAUNCHED] The Roundtable and its importance in our journey, it almost acted as a gurney, that witnessed the story of forming, of the loyal roundtable so warming, to the Royals and the future of the Eyeverse, read it and with your minds traverse, imagine and anticipate, for the chapters to come. Brace. 

[SCHEDULE LAUNCH] Thank you Brother Miyagi, and the remaining roundtable, for the schedule so stable, of the week for the Eyeverse spaces, the schedule you may find, on our website don’t act blind, eyeverse.world is where it will be, and there the community movement you will see. Brace.

[REMIX LAUNCHED] A unanticipated addition was created, by our brother Playpeng it almost seemed fated, so we took that and added it to the console, another brick to the building of our goal, in the spirit of the CC0, a Remix section with your name doth glow. Thank you brother Playpeng. Brace. 

[EYE ROOM LAUNCHED] A place for our community to speak, please do take a peek, for it does not rug as much, a section for the Eyeverse with such, a place for us to speak and speculate, and for us to further emulate, our unity and community. Brace. 

[BANNER MAKER LAUNCH & CHALLENGE] In the past week we’ve launched a creative tool, for everyone with a large pool, of traits and pieces you can use, to make your banner while you fuse, the Eyeverse’s identity to it, and definitely be creative with it. We’ve also issued a Banner Making challenge for all, to show us how your creativity will fall, on the tool that we provided for all of you, The Banner Making challenge will extend, for weeks on and ahead with no clear end, Make sure you send them and display them publicly, we are watching and examining closely. . During that past week we won’t find a winner, a tool so great but the contribution from it is thinner, than we have anticipated but today he fixed our worries, for a winner came along in a hurry, Mr. Retro (Retrologist) for a reward quite great, a watched airdropped call it fate, and a piece of merchandise of your own design, since you did well with your banner then that design i’m sure will be very Fine, and it shall be sent over to you. Brace. 

[MERCH DESIGNER LAUNCHED] This brings me to this week’s console opening, the merch designer this week’s first eye-opening, section of our console for the creative ones, with it you can do tons, and then wear it IRL, so that everywhere you can tell, how creative you are, and how the Eyeverse is going far. Brace. 

[COMMUNITY HUB] We will also open the Community Hub, no it’s not a tavern or a pub, but a place for those of you who wish to share, information from Web3 or IRL to one another, a place for the community to lend a helping hand, and together further stand, for talents to display their glory and tell their magnificent story, sub-communities to form, and take things all by storm, for the sharing of interests and memes, for the forming of even stronger teams, it is a place for everyone to gain, for we believe it is everyone’s right to retain, remuneration or find a means for assistance, and we allow this so show persistence. It may also be a place for listing support programs, for our people who are in jams, be it mental health awareness, we care for all of you in all fairness, and we truly want all of you to be healthy, all in all, and certainly soon wealthy, so all posts there may be, of employment opportunities, cultural information, health awareness & support, or recreational, for everyone to see, our unity. Brace. 

[THE SWITCH – THE POWER OF THE SCROLL] You all wonder what this can do, another utility yes it’s true, hold on for If you hold the scroll, you’re about to become a troll, picture being able to trigger the Enlighteneds’ movement, on & off & on & off & on & off, once every three days someone might scoff, an infinite scroll for you to continue to troll, have a little fun with each other,  just like a sibling a sister or brother. Brace.  

[EYEMONDS & THEIR IMPORTANCE] Not many of the Eyemond memberships remain, the Diamonds are full of those who swain, the Eyeverse’s lore, growth & potential, and they knew that it was essential, to hold and be on top of the chain. From Gold 15 memberships remain, owners of 10 are not insane, they are loyal ones, and together with us our guns, a spearhead towards greatness, with utmost straightness. From Silver, there remains only 10, and I cannot stop writing with my pen, how much we care and appreciate all and every one of you, for you drive us forward through & through, along with every other holder too. Let’s not forget that Eyemonds get access to betas, more winning chances in draws and raffles, airdrops and access to quite a few things early, and much much more to come and be told soon, refer back to the King’s speech of the Third paradox week, for the details are there not bleak. Brace.

[IT’S GETTING CLOSER TO THE GAME] Alpha launch will be soon for the roundtable, and the Beta launch for Eyemond holders stable, and once we launch to the public you will see, a great nostalgic lot of fun you see, a week closer, and not much left for the Game. Prepare for the Duel. Brace

[MYSTICS MASTERPIECEE] The masterpiece may require another week’s delay, but only wish to provide something with which we can sway, all of you even further, patience with we must stay. Brace. 

[SPEED] Yes we are fast at delivery, why do you think we ask you to Brace? This is unprecedented, for we are the ones in the NFT space who borderline invented, the speed of delivery to our community, and that doesn’t mean we’re done you’ll see. Brace. 

EVERYONE! MY MESSAGE BEFORE WE PLAY OUR EXIT & THEN RUG is This: We have delivered, and we aren’t even close to where we want to be, and we will continue further with our delivery, so make sure you’re part of the family tree Just know this, we expect your feedback so do not miss, for our growth depends on your responsiveness, and finally Do not forget we all stay BRACED UP, BRICKED UP, and MILKED UP, for WE WON’T STOP! BRACE.