4th Weekly Paradox

Hello everyone, 

We shall wait for a few more minutes for the room to fill up, while we play a lyrical masterpiece, by our dear brother mystic, on a celestial-powered fleece, and recited by him to please, our community and get you all braced up, bricked up, and milked up. Brace. 

Greetings, Lords, Eyemond members, holders, and the general public. We shall commence:

[Community] Before we begin I would like to express how proud, I am to be the King of this magnificent crowd, talented & smart, tenacious and brave, truly a scene for us to rave, about the glory they bring, to an otherwise bear market sting. You all contribute much, from songs & such to art and much more, adding further to our lore. A Blessing that I did not give, but a one I’m glad to within it live. Your representation across the space, your actions, and contributions leave a trace, and that is key to the success and growth, of the Eyeverse and our oath, you all are not chess pieces, but the core Iron to all the creases, that the world may see with what we bring, and we trust that you all make up the string, that pulls our weight forward towards glory, and continues building this beautiful story. Brace. 

[Artist Awards] This week we honor 3 more parchment artists within our community, and grant them the Kings accord of art immunity, the Royal Digital Brush award, for their contribution and being onboard.
1. Brother brownbear9 for the slur of AI-driven art, although the method of input is new, your prowess in the algorithm is true, for you hold creativity in your mind, and have finally found a way to grind, that creativity on parchment with the assistance of this day & ages outlets. Keep up your contributions, for they are not illusions. Brace.
2. Konke or NFTKonkror as your handle says, a piece of art translating a watched with such details, for when you zoom in you see traits entail, scripture and further art within, our jaws dropped when we zoomed in. Your art is truly appreciated, and your contribution might have created, a sort of benchmark for detail, within a parchment truly leaving a trail. Brace. 

3. Brother Tyuumk forgive me for possibly mispronouncing, but no matter for i’m announcing, your award for you, for your rendition of our characters, speak to us in chapters, of your mind and how it translates, something it truly appreciates, your art reminds us of a day and time, where the child within was at it’s prime, and for it being able to move an otherwise dormant side, we hand you the brush with utmost pride. Brace. 

[Further Art Appreciation] Sanae please do keep bringing forth, art for its stunning and we need much more for us to witness your amazing mind. We are also introducing in due time, two new royal accords so sublime, The Royal microphone award and the Royal poets fleece accord, two new high appreciations, for a different form or artistic expressions, the art of words that your King is versed in, and the art of music & song moving us from within, and the first two will be handed to the first major contribution to the Eyeverse in that form, our brother Mystic for your music is not the norm, a master of your creative domain, that track is truly insane, for your musical awareness, and lyrical greatness, once those are prepared, in your wallet, they’ll be ensnared, and to further celebrate, we decided your piece we animate, and bring to life for the world to see, on web2 and on web3, a short wait will allow us to display, your beautiful musical play, 2 more weeks, Brace. 

[Demon] If you have read through the gates lore, you would understand some more, on why i’m not keen on him to die, although he may be of value, demon blood runs through & through, so be aware of promises, for they may be fallacies, I cannot say if you’ve minted a mistake, for sometimes even that could be a break, If I share knowledge some more, I might harm our lore, the time will truly come, for you to learn of the Demons’ drum, if you are still keen on acquiring, what that Demon of the gates is offering, check the logs. Brace. 

[The Console] Last week we announced the Beta of our first major utility release, a game of dueling to put you all at ease, the end of the month will be available, for you to test initially playable, by Eyemond holders, and after a few trials to the public holders. A utility we plan to groom and grow, with more in it to do and show, closer and closer to the Paradox.

While we all wait for the Major utilities we decided to provide you with a console, to see just like a roadmap where the Eyeverse is going as a whole, piece by piece you will witness the release, of greatness, as we keep our promises, the next launches this week will be the following 3: 

  1. A banner maker for all of you to create, where for you we can alleviate, the creation of wonderful representation, of you everywhere using this & your imagination, be it Twitter, opensea or discord, even a social media post from this board, your mobile or desktop backgrounds as well, this tool is quite swell. 
  2. To capitalize on the beauty of the CC0, to our community we’ve decided to add a trove, A Merch Designer for all of you to design, your own merchandise and make it shine, acquire it and represent IRL, let us display the power of the Eye and tell, the world of what we can all do, show them that this journey is very true. 
  3. A glimpse of a future we intend to bring, the Eye rooms were made as a thing, for everyone in our community to communicate, we do not intend to complicate, it’s just that we notice significant rugs, and that sparked our plugs, to have a place for us to speculate, talk and together create, a better clearer journey for our holders, and to further feed the Eyeverses folders, with ways to make a more immersive experience for all. Brace.

 [Ending] EVERYONE! MY MESSAGE BEFORE WE PLAY OUR EXIT & THEN RUG is This: We have delivered, and we aren’t even close to where we want to be, and we will continue further with our delivery, so make sure you’re part of the family tree. Do not forget we all stay BRACED UP, BRICKED UP, and MILKED UP, for WE WON’T STOP! BRACE.