3rd Weekly Paradox

Hello everyone, welcome Eyemond members, community, holders of one, and holders of many, to our third episode of the weekly paradox, where we say many things except doxx, while many others complain about a CC0 announced pretty late, let us announce our fate, for the speech you all must have an open ear, listen closely make sure it’s clear. 

[Community] The community keeps on Growing, and all of them are truly showing, the metal of the Eyeverse they aspire, to drive the vision even higher. As your King I bow to you, the trinity alongside me too, for you truly fill us with emotion, and drive us fueling our passion, towards the core of why we began, to make web3 better with a strong plan. You make this whole tough building journey have less hurt, all while you all contribute significantly your effort, braced up, bricked up, milked up, we won’t stop for it is the age of the Eyeverse, the age of OUR COMMUNITY, the age of all of you! Brace. 

[Artists] We are blessed with so much art, right from the beginning right from the start, and we cherish & admire all those who contribute, and their art later on distribute, but we cannot refrain from massive acknowledgment, of those who represent the art of the digital parchment, Kidholiday for you I must say, are magnificent with what you do

Ionhellcat your art doth display, a keen eye on how we converse it’s true

El Magico to you we relay, gratitude for sharing the creativity in you

& Molly your heart doth portray, the beauty in our lore in a way I cannot fathom to explain. 

You 4 will be the first to receive the highest accord of the King, a unique drop to you we shall bring, the brush of the digital parchment we humbly award, you for this glorious accord.

To all other artists within our community behold, for we wait for your stories untold, hidden deep within your realm, do share those and join in holding the helm, for we care more than you think, about art in an age on the brink, of losing the beauty of expression, so let us all leave an impression. BRACE. 

[Scroll Activation] Congratulations to the ones that were part of a movement within a movement, Generous, helpful, patient, and caring for improvement. You have all been rewarded with glorious upgrades, enhancing the art and evolving ranks and grades, Those scrolls will soon have another wonder, so do not think & do not ponder, on getting rid of those just yet, there’s more to come you must bet. 

The Enlightened are now moving, open eyes and further proving, that they are clear with a solid future, within our story while we suture, the lore & chapters not within the norm, so keep following this glorious cosmic storm. 

The ones who have been blessed, with the generosity of their comrades are now dressed, quite differently you can see, they are now Knights of the great army, a change in Background, Red Eyes, and red traits bound, to display their newly acquired strength, they will play a part in length, in our near future it’s true. Brace. 

[Game] Yes, to your speculations some we bless, the future holds quite the amount of fun, so make sure away you do not run, A Game is in the making, and soon we will be breaking, that covering shield, of what we’re building so yield, it’s a different way, for everyone to play, while having a run of nostalgia, of your fingers’ myalgia, from the days of retro games, even my excitement flames, upon this announcement, for the beta will be at the end of August. Brace. 

[Paradox Gates Prize] We understand the riddles may sometimes be hard, but do not forget what our community for is starred, A helping hand you must receive, from your comrades, should you not be able to retrieve, the solution to unlock the gate, and that should remove some of that weight. What will those gates unlock? A question repeated we heard you talk, well listen closely:

A raffle entry depends on the number of NFTs you hold, This is what we have for you to be told: On the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the 3rd year after 2020, we will hold a trip for 10 you see, those who unlocked the gates of the paradox, will be flown to a location to meet us and to them, we shall doxx, a 3 day trip for you to be part of and enjoy, and for us to further knowledge to you deploy, 2 LORDS, 6 EYEMONDS, 2 PUBLIC holders, will grace this trips folders,  Brace. 

[The Paradox] The Paradox is soon to come upon us, a few more weeks left on that bus, to get to somewhere where we can shuffle, select & swap, Trust the Trinity for it’s not a prop, we are going further and further, to reach the moon lighter than a feather, yet with the impact of a meteor, open your eyes for news some more, and before I end this point, for those enlightened with movement we joint, a taste of the paradox in advance, before anyone else they receive like a trance, a sample of how the paradox will be, they can revert back to static easily. Brace. 

[Eyemonds] Now to end our speech we must address those most invested, holders of many with glory crested, our Eyemond Members so select, you have a section in this speech correct. Your future holds quite a lot, so bare with me while I say what I brought:

  • Eyemonds will continue to receive airdrops, of upcoming chapters no need to shop. 
  • The paradox is nye, and we’re sure it will fly, Eyemonds will have more control there, without mentioning more but be aware.
  • You as an Eyemond member will be able to, partake in early demos and betas it’s true. Be it games or utilities, that’s one part of your abilities. This includes the earlier mentioned game. 
  • Raffle entries as a whole, your entries in the bowl, will multiply based on your position, in the Eyemond club as commission, 5 times, 10 times or 20, and we believe those will be chances plenty, to win.  
  • A Free Eyeverse hardback book of all the chapters you shall receive, to claim such all the chapter tokens you must retrieve. 
  • A Special Merch Store, unique with many and more, will be available to you, patience though it is true. 
  • If you enjoy the game of cards occasionally, a deck of those will be sent to you for free. 


To all the remaining holders do not fret, for you will all have access to purchase you bet, of most of the above-mentioned Eyemond gifts, to join us on the many rifts, we plan to take in the future. Come over to the Milky Goat Tavern, or eyeversed daily, and participate, for it is never too late. 

 [Ending] EVERYONE! MY MESSAGE BEFORE WE RUG is This: We have delivered, and we aren’t even close to where we want to be, MUCH more to be delivered, so make sure you’re part of the family tree, and make sure you stay, BRACED UP, BRICKED UP, and MILKED UP, for WE WON’T STOP! BRACE.