2nd Weekly Paradox

Hello everyone, We will wait for a few more minutes until the space fills up. Brace.

[Praise Creativity] As always your King stands high and proud, of all the creative art & sound, you make on a daily basis, displaying all our faces, to the world and beyond, strengthening the web3 bond, for with your creativity, we all gained the ability, to see further into our mind, and reach out further to find, more value for the community so strong, we truly know with you nothing will go wrong. Love from your King to you, for you’re all great it’s true. Brace. 

[24/7 Community] We at the trinity’s main table, believe it’s time for a stable, setting of community spaces, to run 24/7 and leave traces, of what we are all about, the strength and unity we bring out. For that to truly happen, a few things like a tavern, wake & bake  or a cabin, each for a different purpose we form, to further take the space by a storm, and make it happen so much so, that our community may stretch and grow. We open the room for all of you to create, multiple spaces to widen the plate, different languages is also a plus, a global movement it is for us, and forming an agenda together for each day, to work  talk  grind  and play, and make sure that no matter what the Eyeverse is here to stay. 

Let us allow for more initiators as masters of ceremony, to help with the process and not be phony, we need to make sure that some of it is family friendly, for there may be children in our midst you see. If not, then do so as you see freely. Brace. 

[Scrolls] The holy scrolls that you hold today, were meant to truly stay, for sure it has helped you cure, some comrades, but there is another ironclad, function of that same scroll, and no we do not troll, and that function is yet to be revealed, thank you for those that have healed. Your reward for your capability, is a brand new ability, for your enlightened NFT, a display of how movement looks, in the lore written in our books, and in all that we will bring, in the future growth of our tree. 

The True meaning though of The scrolls was  to give 3 core lessons, the 3 of those are our true essence, despite our dark nature, commrodary is truly major. 

  • Lesson number 1 is generosity, anything opposite is an atrocity, even in our world riddled with threes, we stand together as 1 so please, maintain that focal point, and let’s continue to anoint, more members to our precious band, and keep open always your hand. Brace. 
  • Lesson number 2 is a helping hand, with each other we all stand, for when a member of our community or across, is in pain or falling we go and cross, the river if we can, to bring them back to the clan, and show that we can be a shoulder, for they are not just an NFT holder, they are family. Brace. 
  • Lesson number 3 is patience, for most of us don’t have the cadence, for a short let alone a long wait, but to be patient is truly a state, that life requires from all of us, no matter how much we put up a fuss, there will always be the right time, and trust in the movement it’ll be sublime. Brace. 

[Paradox] The Paradox is the name of our weekly gathering, but if you know your King something is happening, for after the release of all our chapters coming, something quite grand will be drumming, to walk across the eyeverses’ plain, fight and fight and then train, 10 grand together will stand, be patient for when we show you that hand.Moving with access to the 10 new locks, Keep an eye open for  the Paradox, for there will be be no stigma, but there will be an Enigma. Brace. 

[Lords Swords] The lords of our roundtable, the ones with the most impact, to keep our community truly in-tact, We know not how we can reward, in ETH? So very bland for your accords?, The Trinity instead decided to craft, for you your swords unique to your own craft, displaying a symbol so true, representing what it is you do, those are priceless and just for you, in the next 2 days will send through. Monetary remuneration eventhough breeds greed,  is something we actually believe, should come to you quite soon, for as we told you we will moon, and that will happen after 2 new moons. The day so very grand, where the King will let loose his hand. While we are on the subject of Lords, I would like to personally welcome to the rountable one with accords, CryptoMiyagi our brother so glorious, you’re welcome to the roundtable officially victorious, Brace. 

[Death of Malice] Now to address a pressing matter, something that caused so much banter, a creature that stood so very pure, but corrupted by a King so very poor, of emotion so vile and deadly, that made her seek control you see, of your King and all his family, I attempted to place as much of me to cure, and take her back to being pure, the Queen of Red resembling my Claire, Snapped and her fangs she did bare, Holding me by my neck against my will, I could’ve killed her but then.. Still, My Claire’s face was in front of me, and I thought of myself very selfishly, she was in so much pain, and was about to kill me in vain, but my brave young warrior, the Prince of Light, found what she had planned, and he put up a grand fight, saving my weakness against the face, that resembled my claire’s grace. Although I am saddened by the loss, The Prince did right to stand across, Malice and her evil plan, to protect our loyal clan.
No we shant burn the queen of that kin, for it’s not her fault it’s not her sin, We shall hold her image as a NFT, Price it the highest you see, and celebrate her true beauty, Her Back story will also be he open for the public, with my recitation almost biblic, on our website for all to listen or read, my words all of you do heed, That will be my final goodbye, For  I will no longer cry. Brace. 

[CC0.wiki not our only contribution] CC0.wiki is something that we have made as a public utility, for the entirety of the web3 community, we seek no gain beyond what is the great credit, of seeing the true ones of this world truly benefit. Transparency is key for doing your own research, and we know we are all still on a grand search, for more to come from this great world.
The forming of the Eye Labs,  is set to make sure to help with your grabs, with even more contribution along the way, join us as we continue to build for we’re here to stay. 

[CHAPTER 3] The Dawn of a new chapter is here, The King and the masses appear, 5 more days for you to hear, and learn some more and see things clear. Here is how it will go:

– Eyemond Members will be receiving the access as an airdrop

–  Delisters & Diamond hands will be able to mint for free. 

– All Other holders can claim 1 for Free, including the Eyemonds a second one, to share with someone you care to share our Lore.

– The Public & non holders will be able to mint, but for a nominal fee, 3 days after the eyemonds and holders from our family tree. Brace.