#2 Grand Assembly

Grand Assembly II

– [ ] Intro

Welcome to the Grand Assembly, We will wait for a few minutes to allow people to join, retweet this space, ask everyone to join this space, and with their presence and participation grace, we have ALOT to say. Brace. 

We are here on this glorious day, addressing many things for here to say, that we are not in this project to play, so let me tell all of you, that This speech is made to overwhelm you, LISTEN closely FUD Exists, and no matter how much it persists, we will last, and keep coming fast, we are the Eyeverse, if you do not know who we are, come traverse, learn how we work with our community, how we show you our ability, check through our console, our lore and how we make it whole, some think that we are a ponzy, calm down open your eyes and see, why would we waste our time and efforts illegally? Do you think all we built and our sleepless nights are a joke? It’s alright for you to feel FUD and revoke but do so with less animosity, for we are working hard you see. Let there be FUD today, for in the future when it’s time you’d want to join the fray. ARMY! The Loyal ones and those who believe, let us work together to retrieve, what is the Eyeverse’s what is ours, all of us together can work extraordinary powers. Believe. 

The Grand assembly is long, we talk tons and say nothing wrong, we share alpha and go through activities, the Knight spoke to you in the Teaser Video so please, if you don’t want to forget your Questions, because of all the sections, prepare to take notes, or join our discord to view the King Speeches section. 

– [ ] Giveaways

    – [ ] 10 Eyeverse NFTs

Now for what matters, we shall commence, thank you all for your presence, this space today will hold some giveaways, 10 Eyeverse NFTs for the ones who are present, who retweet the space and stay current, until the time of the draw are eligible to win, and with that join our kin. Brace. 

 – [ ] Merch Designer is now open for all holders

A Small announcement first, that the Merch Designer we brought with a burst, is now accessible by ALL holders. 

– [ ] Address the leak

We Understand there was a leak a few days back, something that seemed like a premed attack, but it was not an attack for sure, a mistake from a Dev whose heart is pure, caused it to be spread, even though slightly you got some bread, we were able to take it down quite quickly, but we know some saved it you see (Winking at you molly).    

One thing I can tell you about this our dear family is if you feel that those “headlines” were heavenly, then wait till you see the evolved versions, welcome to the Eyeverse the home of mind-blowing excursion, into the world of Web3.

– [ ] Web2 Vs Web3 

Some great conversations happen between our maxi’s know you are free, and appreciate those conversations truly, a concern that we are mostly Web2, may come across to some of you, but let me tell you this important fact, to get to Web3 you must go through Web2 intact, evolution is not the cancellation of the old, but the bettering of it a million fold, so some aspects of web2 will exist, until the full adoption of web3 becomes the list, patience for there’s much more to see, but as I said earlier you are all free, and let’s converse some more for your knowledge feeds us too you see. One major challenge for you today though, find us a web2 company today that can mold this dough, and interact with the community the way we do, quite the difficult thing for them to do. Remember we are builders, working on empowering builders, and all that is for Web3. Brace. 

– [ ] Beta Game Launch

Our beautiful community, thank you, we know that you’ve waited a longer time than you are used to with us, and we love that you are all patient it’s a plus, the pillar is being adopted very well, that the entire trinity can tell. 

The introduction to the PITS is here, the Game is finally set to appear, our dear Eyemond members were airdropped the Warrior Token, to test the Beta game “Hadouken”, and after 10 days all other Eyeverse holders will be able to claim 3 Warrior Tokens for free, to give out to your friends to play you see.

The Game today allows you to play, 3 Levels to duel ferociously, testing might against the trinity, you will first face the Monster of Defense himself the Knight, pick yourself up dust yourself down and fight, and should you win, you will be moved forward within, to face off against the Fastest in the realm, the Prince who with daggers fights, and should you miraculously win, you’ll be moved forward within, and face off against me, the King of the Eyeverse with taunts and ridiculous ability, and if you just so happen to win, for a treat you’re definitely in. 

The said game is set to evolve across time, with a roadmap for all of you sublime, the phases are as follows:

  1. Phase 1: Will be the PVNPC against the representation of the Trinity. 
  2. Phase 2: The Pits will be introduced, with the PVP Capability infused. Dueling each other get ready to be bruised. 
  3. Phase 3: After that comes the 3rd Phase, A Dungeon for you we will raise, for you to go on adventure and witness, the beginning of the Eye world’s Greatness.
  4. Phase 4: Will hold for you the greatest display, of a world where you can roam and play, the Eyeverse World will be here to stay. Brace. 

3 hours separate us from sharing a link, to the game we are on the brink, of nostalgic fun and accord, it will be shared on discord.

– [ ] Paradox Hallway 

Do you recall when Malice came, the pain I felt when she died in vain, maybe a deserved death at the moment, but a story so heart crunching was felt, she came here with 10,000 left undealt, They are the core of the Paradox, and the way to them is through this box, The Paradox Hallway is where you will all be able to access, the world we are building, and your character’s ranking, Here are the sections that will be presented, behold for how this piece will be cemented, as a revolution in how it is done:  

    – [ ] MySpace

Here you can control your proverbial bag, don’t worry there is no lag, check your assets and traits, which will come along in crates, slip them on and slip them off, check your ranking and if you’re above, how many fights you’ve won, and how many have gone. 

    – [ ] Leaderboards

Are you a winner in the pits? have you joined tournaments? Check your ranking and status, this here is the apparatus, you all should aspire to be on top of, to look at those you beat from above. 

    – [ ] The Pits

The domain where you show your grit, and whether for a fight you’re fit, prove yourself here, and you would have nothing to fear, brace your NFT for a Duel, face your rivals, and fuel, the urge for the glory that feeds, the souls the pits you must heed. 

    – [ ] Shuffle

The Paradox requires you to own, one of the 10,000 who are prone, to compete and grow in rank, and potentially make bank, you wouldn’t want to miss this, the chance for Eye world don’t miss, Shuffle to mint will be introduced, for a collection of an army to use, with multiple colors and changes, to fight and grow in ranges. Holders of the current OG will be able to claim 1 every 1 you see, but must go through the shuffle too you see, more will be shared with you about this, so listen closely for the chance for bliss. Brace. 

    – [ ] Shop

You have a member of the army, now let’s all go barmy, a shop to acquire limited traits, for your NFT change it’s state, increase rank or attacking power, defensive too and speed you must scour. 

    – [ ] Catalogue

Who are the characters here? what are the traits we hold dear? A book like no other, speaks to you, not with fodder, what is everything you see, definitely a navigation utility. 

    – [ ] Eye World

The Land of Black & White is here, walk through the forest and hear, the stories of the watched who appear, only to those who are quiet and near. Golemia is around the corner, don’t be fooled miles away you’d be a foreigner. The Pilgrims Gold Lake is dangerous, but the view there is fabulous, Gooch island is in the middle of the Pupil’s Sea, what, why is this here? Scavenger Dominion, and the Green Valley, share an opinion. Walk to the beyond, if of the cold you are fond. Brace, explorer of the realm. 

– [ ] Paradox Pass

The Paradox Pass will be available to claim for the holders, who pass the paradox gates and all of those boulders, standing between you and entering the hallway it’s true, you will only be able to view, but for functionality, the pass must be sought. We never said that the ONLY reason for the paradox gates was a raffle. The full functionality of the pass will be available for you soon. 

There are is also 1 other task you may need to do, to claim the pass. Beat the King in the first iteration of the game (extremely difficult but not impossible), or contract with an otherworldly being going by the Demon, the latter I can not guarantee your safety. Don’t forget the pass allows you to claim & mint form the Paradox Collection. Brace.

– [ ] Color Cookies 

We couldn’t help but see this opportunity, to give a chance to artists in our community, to offer their artistic services you see, the Color cookies on the tavern’s menu, will be available for everyone to, request work from Eyeverse holding artists, taking us towards a bigger utility:

There are 3 Color cookies available

  1. Splash Cookie – 1 Color change 
  2. Spray Cookie – 3 Color changes 
  3. Splatter Cookie – Overhaul customization 

Within the Eyeverse OG Collection, only 300 Cookies can be utilized, a limit we have created for something very prized, 3 artists from the community will be selected and dropped 100 cookies each, for their artist prowess they will preach, and for the structure earlier mentioned. Oh, and 90% of proceeds of said cookies, will be for the artists’ purses we aim to please. These cookies will be priced, by the artists so very prized. 

After submitting a request while holding those cookies, consider it as an eaten cookie it will be burned it is the fee, a token to be used once you see. The mechanism of the cookies will be utilized for all remaining artists, to sell their services as a token and receive requests through the mists, with the full support of our team. Brace. 

– [ ] Acquisition of EyePhunks

This project or Sub DAO was created, by a community member who waited, a little time until they were released for minting, which probably was the core thing, that caused it to not mint properly, but that does not take away from it you see. For the nature of the Eyeverse is to support its community, and truly allow them to use their ability, use our art and any CC0 it matters not, a JPEG is not an NFT I thought, I have said this before, that an NFT is not a JPEG it’s more, the founder has promised nothing to anyone, it was made with meme’s in their mind and fun, an engaging concept to blend communities, who together utilize the facilities, brought forward by the glorious CC0. 

Incorporating 2 NFTs into one, incorporating storytelling that’s fun, inspired by the Eyeverse lore and characters, while memeing and shitposting, and “sabotaging” our Brace, making it go Phrace. This was all amusing to us, and the thought process was a plus. 

The Art is original it’s true, unique 1 bit art too, similar to the Eyeverse combined with the phunks, not just copypasta they don’t give a phunk. We appreciate art as a whole, and when it matches ours even more. Overwhelming FUD for a new entrant with a project was difficult for sure, and that’s why we extended a helping hand and more. 

Addressing concerns on how this will incorporate into our brand, The Eye Labs as a studio and launchpad is not limited to Eyeverse, and acquiring another project doesn’t necessarily mean, fully integrating into the Eyeverse Lore to be seen, It’s meant to be part of the same ecosystem, co-sharing values to benefit holders on both sides and that’s why we List’em, as part of it.

We said multiple times, that we are Builders that help other builders, we provided support to their founder, and we aim to help every community member, looking to start their project, keeping in mind that there currently are 5 projects we are helping as a prospect. 

Eye Labs decided to acquire the EyePhunks to allow for a more affordable entry point, into the ecosystem we are creating, to enable to different utilities our metaverse is bringing. 

We will dedicate a team for the EyePhunks, to continue building on their unique approach, and their collection we shrunk, to fit the fun element, next to a darker Eyeverse firmament, and we already are considering a unique utility, to that collection as its ability. Brace.

For now, the Holders of the Eyephunks will receive Access to:

  1. The Eyeverse Discord (members channels)
  2. The Banner maker 
  3. Claim 1x Warrior Token, and the date will be announced later. 
  4. For Every 5 EyePhunks, you will be able to claim a Paradox Pass, after solving the Paradox Gates.
  5. The Unique Utility To be Announced soon.

[ ] Eye.Watch 

The Core utility of the Eyeverse was spoken about a while back, don’t worry we haven’t lost track, we do what we say we will, and won’t stop there is no until. This will be launched in Phases, these are To Be Announced at a later time, we haven’t yet reached our prime. Brace for some details, for The Eye Watch entails: 

 – [ ] For the explorers | using mobile & web, a section open to the public of the 3rd web.

        – [ ] Access to Market Trends for all our friends.

        – [ ] Receiving Basic Notifications within the application.

        – [ ] The Ability to Follow projects, to examine the many prospects.

        – [ ] Set Limited watchlists to see turns and twists.

  – [ ] For the traders | using mobile & web a section open only to holders of the eye.watch

        – [ ] Ability to view Market Trends, Stand out among your trader friends.

        – [ ] Receive Advanced Notifications, on new and old creations.

        – [ ] Create Custom Triggers on Floors, Volume, transactions, and some more actions.

        – [ ] The Ability to Communicate, and speak about projects and how they perform.

        – [ ] The capability to Follow Individual wallets, and see new & old whales open faucets. 

        – [ ] READ & VIEW Social Sentiment, something we will implement. 

        – [ ] Set an Unlimited number of Watchlists, to view turns and twists

 – [ ] For the Builders | using Only web a section open only to holders of the eye.watch

        – [ ] Access to a Project Planner, to make sure you proceed in an organized manner.

        – [ ] Allow your Team to Access with you, to help with your building it is true.

        – [ ] Use an Art Generator, and we will make you a curator. 

        – [ ] Access to a Meta Data Builder, come now sword wielder.

        – [ ] Have Access to a Smart Contract Manager, You’ll shine like a Tanager.

        – [ ] View Project Dashboards with stats, details, and analytics yes, that. 

        – [ ] Read & View Social Sentiment, on your project to better implement.

        – [ ] Create Unlimited Projects here, yes it is as you hear. 

    – [ ] Full Schedule will be released soon with all the dates of every delivery

To All the above mentioned, we show we aren’t ill-intentioned, we will disburse a schedule to all of you, with dates of every delivery don’t be blue. 

Now we are ready to initiate some new members to our glorious community, and our dear brother Lord Defi will take charge. We shall open the room for Q&A right after the initiation, I ask of all to be anointed to allow for a quick process and listening to instructions. All yours brother. Brace. 

We now open the Room for Q&A. There’s MUCH to talk about. 

In Conclusion – 

The Eyeverse respects all who respect us, and even the ones that don’t, they can do so it won’t, phase us and where we will go, We know what comes with our flow, we believe that all the way we will go, we care not for small noises of hate, and when you come back to us it’s fate, we will accept you with open arms, because we aren’t grudge holders but know that your FUD and hate are stored in folders, and the treatment when you’re back will be different, and if you do not return, then godspeed o