1st Weekly Paradox

Hello everyone, We will wait for a few more minutes until the space fills up. Brace. 

Welcome Eyemond & New Holders

Eyemonds new and old, welcome to the fold. We are proud to say, that you are essential to this play, the community grows strong, and it’s a pleasure to have you along, this journey so so grand, as leaders in our glorious band. You are all truly appreciated, and for your new status congratulated. A Show of hands for our Eyemond club members, and all holders in our glorious community the embers, of our massive flame, on route to fame. New holders are just as necessary, and they are not ordinary, but true changers and new believers, to what we anticipate to be new breakers, of the age of Web3, welcome to the Eyeverse’s family tree. Brace. 

King’s Journal

Army starting today we shall create, a Journal on our website to state, all your Kings’ speeches for the public to learn, and find out more of how we yearn, to build, add value, and grow, and give example of your Kings’ flow. Brace

Community Raids, Initiations, & onboarding

Truly your vigor has established, an ecosystem otherwise famished, for more lore, fun and community engagement, to fill the massive gap of displacement. Raids that continue to mark, new tracks for us to embark, on further courses of stability, all something within our ability, those raids are close to your King’s heart, for that was where we had our start, Your initiation ceremonies that occur, acts as a golden spur, to drive our steed towards glory, and further dive into our story. Your efforts in onboarding and hoarding, to our community while courting, others and artists and contributors, makes the Trinity feel like generous distributors, and heed our words, for there will be more paradoxes, and the opening of more scrolls & boxes, in the future of our adventure, so make sure you are not a bencher. Brace. 

Free mint of chapter 2

Many might ask what the King thought with his trinity?, about the free mint of chapter 2, it is merely to feed the affinity, of the public who wanted to, have a taste of our vision, so we meant to create a scission, to allow for them to come in and peek, for the eyeverse is not weak. An entry point for the public to grow our community, to allow them a taste of our immunity, and flexing our bands unity, and that we’re generous enough to give the opportunity. If any of you felt that there was a lack of fairness, speak up for we believe our generosity cured our bareness, and caused for us to join together, on the march towards a better, web3. Brace. 

Chapter 2 and Wen Chapter 3 Teaser

Chapters 1, and 2 which we, shared speak about the family tree, of the eyeverse and how characters held form, the curse that took away the watcheds’ norm, the pain they felt of the marks’ burn, and how the future for them holds a turn, and those who read the chapter and searched through, found an easter egg yes it’s true, scrolls unlocking a great potential, when combined with an enlightened essential, it’s too soon to use those, but make sure that you value high and pose, and we know that you are waiting blessing number 3, for we will address the royalty, for without a doubt there cannot be, a lack of leadership for all to see, how a new life is created, will have your minds inflated, as to the nature of our world, in this document will be furled. Brace. 

Scrolls & Enlightened

The scrolls that contain, the message of ending pain, for the enlightened to use, a limited number with clues, shall grant the power to upgrade 2, yes it’s true, but keep in mind something don’t be blind, that the eye god rewards, generous accords, and frowns upon, flexing of brawn, and thinking selflessly may grant, something that even I can’t, to an enlightened user, that is not an abuser. Brace. 

Rumours & Speculation, we’re just starting! 

The trinity does enjoy the speculation, but the fact remains that we won’t offer elaboration, on rumors and potentiality, for with our time we have frugality, it is necessary for us to focus, to make sure we grow our crocus, into a magnificent sequoia, that’s why we listen to paranoia, but we push towards building, and then wrapping and gilding, whatever we create, so continue to speculate, but heed your kings word, our vision will never get blurred, execution, execution, execution, trust us for this is not an illusion, we are at our infancy, just 1 month you see, since our eyeverse went live, and we will continue to contrive, patience is definitely your key, to wait and ultimately see, where we can go in our future, and what the Trinity can suture, we are in a journey towards an unseen height, put on your seatbelt and enjoy the flight. Brace. 

It seems Malice is near, trying to spread more fear, Brace.